How Security Guard Management Software Have Made Things Easy For The Security Agencies

Living in the 21st century is not easy. There is constant activity all around us. Movement of people, data transfers, resource storage, valuable commodity excavation and enhancement and whatnot.

With the boons that it brings us and the facilities that accompany this trend, also come the woes of handling and securing such vast networks of ever changing physical and virtual heaps of significant materials and biotic property.

This makes the need for security and safeguard personnel a vital one for the express purpose of guarding and safekeeping everything valuable to us. But this solution itself has some limitations as Lord Acton says:

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Therefore, arises the question that who would keep an eye on those who have been assigned to keep an eye? Who or what would guard the guards? Who will secure the security people themselves?

The situation becomes complex and not one person can be assigned for fear of it becoming a vicious circle. It is like a snake chasing its own tail or a phoenix rising from its ashes and again bursting into flames.

Here comes the answer in the avatar of Security Guard Management Software from Silvertrac. Not trusting one person but incorporating a complete system helps to keep an eye on personnel movement, patrol routes, schedules, routines and enforcement of situational advisories all at once. It is one gigantic network of people, protocols and perusals. It is one of the most trustworthy options to track and pinpoint the management of security officer operations.

It can help to improve productivity and reduce expense at the same time while managing the workforce requirements more effectively by automating internal processing through wireless, web and mobile technology. Along with management it also offers customizable incident reporting features that assists in streamlining the entire process and enforces consistency using messages that sometimes can also include multimedia content. Scanning NFC/RFID tags at checkpoints and strategic site locations using technology can help monitor the area in real time and update the control center in real time. Online post order management helps management to distribute officer instructions seamlessly in real time and document the compliance of all personnel.

The daily activity log and report log can help eliminate paper reports and centralize all information online while at the same time taking reliable backups. It also helps to capture or schedule officer activities in real time and change it as per the area needs and site requirements. Locating officers in real time and geo-spatial tracking and dispatch can go a long way to alert at appropriate times by alarming the authorities or medical units for quick response based on proximity and availability.

With lone worker protection assets, solitary officers can be sent backup forces and emergency notifications become a life-saver in many cases. By recording the response times and performance of all officers, it can help infinitely in training and certification and do away with the traditional evaluation systems in accordance with the diverse organizational training requirements and also track contract compliance specifications. Also, inspections and quality checks can be brought under the fold for assured transparency and immediate conflict resolution. Visitor registrations gets an additional eye for vigilance and helps to put down concrete adherence guidelines for all foreign personnel coming in according to the policy of the day. Time and attendance are basic needs which are more than amply and aptly fulfilled by these systems.

Also, for specific scenarios, custom settings can be built into the system with the appropriate approval from security key holders based on a scope of workability and applicability.

In short, with these systems it has become a simple task to centralize and manage a huge system with minimum human error possible. So if it is protection you are concerned with, look no further. Security guard management systems are here to stay.


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