Top 5 Destinations You Can Visit By Car in Sydney

Sydney by Tom Dawson

When you step into the world’s largest natural harbor, with trails of Blue Mountains on one side and golden beeches on the other, a car ride through the city is a feast for the soul. Let’s explore this magnificent land. Hold back to the seats of your new four wheeler, Sydney is on your way. Famous for its not so high and not so low temperature round the year, one can mostly expect a warm sunny day perfect for the ride. If you don't have transportation available you can always rent a car from companies like Discount Car.

Royal Botanic Garden-Starting with the heart of the city, this century old garden is one of the most historic places in the entire world. It houses exotic species of flora and fauna. Driving through the Mrs. Macquarie’s Rd one can reach this place. The refreshing air and ornamented garden will leave you all refreshed for your journey ahead.

The Blue Mountains-This place is merely one and a half hour drive from Sydney CBD, New south whales. This dissected plateau carved out of sand stone bedrock. With waterfalls and eucalyptus forest the view is overwhelming. Who knows, you might fall in love with this place and decide to revisit it, but with a backpack for a short hike. One is definitely to fall in love with the blue haze enveloping these mountains. The very reason these mountains got their distinctive name.

Sydney Harbor Bridge-This more than a kilometer long arc bridge, with the view of the Sydney opera house, the city and the bridge itself is mesmerizing. This artificial man made marvel gives you a picture perfect view of Australian glory.

Sydney Opera House-A UNESCO world heritage site located at the Bennelong Point, Sydney Opera house, is surrounded on three sides by the harbor. It is home for the Sydney symphony orchestra and Sydney opera house grand organ. A ride through the Sydney harbor bridge towards the opera house, will give you the full view of the marvelous architecture.

If one has ample amount of time, there is no reason to miss out the ride with view of the legendary Pacific coast. It is one among the most travelled routes by visitors. The popularity of this place is due to never ending golden beaches, lush mountains, water sports and the spectacular view all through. This famous Sydney to Brisbane drive tops the list of international visitors.

The Grand Pacific Drive-Connecting Coal cliff and Clifton, this 140 Km drive way, with sea Cliff Bridge in between is phenomenal. The advantageous location with the never ending blue pacific in one side, and mountains on other, the pleasure of driving sets your soul free. With number of resting areas, one can take frequent breaks and gaze at the beauty of pacific.

As the long days drive comes to an end, the sunset from any of the numerous beaches dotting the Sydney harbor like the seven shilling beach, with lots of eateries whenever you wish to taste the cuisine, will fill your belly and soothe your soul. You’ll definitely want to take just another ride the very next day and exploring every inch of Sydney.

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