How Security Guard Management Software Have Made Things Easy For The Security Agencies


Living in the 21st century is not easy. There is constant activity all around us. Movement of people, data transfers, resource storage, valuable commodity excavation and enhancement and whatnot.

With the boons that it brings us and the facilities that accompany this trend, also come the woes of handling and securing such vast networks of ever changing physical and virtual heaps of significant materials and biotic property.

This makes the need for security and safeguard personnel a vital one for the express purpose of guarding and safekeeping everything valuable to us. But this solution itself has some limitations as Lord Acton says:

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Therefore, arises the question that who would keep an eye on those who have been assigned to keep an eye? Who or what would guard the guards? Who will secure the security people themselves?

The situation becomes complex and not one person can be assigned for fear of it becoming a vicious circle. It is like a snake chasing its own tail or a phoenix rising from its ashes and again bursting into flames.

Here comes the answer in the avatar of Security Guard Management Software from Silvertrac. Not trusting one person but incorporating a complete system helps to keep an eye on personnel movement, patrol routes, schedules, routines and enforcement of situational advisories all at once. It is one gigantic network of people, protocols and perusals. It is one of the most trustworthy options to track and pinpoint the management of security officer operations.

It can help to improve productivity and reduce expense at the same time while managing the workforce requirements more effectively by automating internal processing through wireless, web and mobile technology. Along with management it also offers customizable incident reporting features that assists in streamlining the entire process and enforces consistency using messages that sometimes can also include multimedia content. Scanning NFC/RFID tags at checkpoints and strategic site locations using technology can help monitor the area in real time and update the control center in real time. Online post order management helps management to distribute officer instructions seamlessly in real time and document the compliance of all personnel.

The daily activity log and report log can help eliminate paper reports and centralize all information online while at the same time taking reliable backups. It also helps to capture or schedule officer activities in real time and change it as per the area needs and site requirements. Locating officers in real time and geo-spatial tracking and dispatch can go a long way to alert at appropriate times by alarming the authorities or medical units for quick response based on proximity and availability.

With lone worker protection assets, solitary officers can be sent backup forces and emergency notifications become a life-saver in many cases. By recording the response times and performance of all officers, it can help infinitely in training and certification and do away with the traditional evaluation systems in accordance with the diverse organizational training requirements and also track contract compliance specifications. Also, inspections and quality checks can be brought under the fold for assured transparency and immediate conflict resolution. Visitor registrations gets an additional eye for vigilance and helps to put down concrete adherence guidelines for all foreign personnel coming in according to the policy of the day. Time and attendance are basic needs which are more than amply and aptly fulfilled by these systems.

Also, for specific scenarios, custom settings can be built into the system with the appropriate approval from security key holders based on a scope of workability and applicability.

In short, with these systems it has become a simple task to centralize and manage a huge system with minimum human error possible. So if it is protection you are concerned with, look no further. Security guard management systems are here to stay.


Can We Survive Without Mapping Technology?


Gone are the days when we assigned a person to sit with a map and navigate us during road trips. Now, we place a smartphone on a stand which gives us clear, unambiguous directions in a pretty voice. Technology has really come a long way. So, roads are mapped, locations are mapped and the next big thing is to map indoors as well.

Not only do we not have to worry about getting lost on the way to our destination, now we don’t have to worry about getting lost in our destination also.
Your family is coming to drop you off for your first big day in college? They’ll feel a lot less stressed if you know your way around the campus. Getting lost in malls and that tiring quest to find the right store with the right sale is no longer a problem. Indoor mapping helps you navigate easily inside buildings like hospitals, shopping malls, campuses, etc.

So, how badly do we need this indoor mapping technology? Is it really so essential in our day-to-day lives? Can we survive without it?

The answer is: well, why ruin the fun? Read on.

The early men once survived without cars. But in the 21st century, surviving without cars seems like a joke. As technology is constantly changing and rapidly evolving, it’s only fair if we put it to good use. Advertising can be done in a way that targets the most potential customers, marketing can be done to ensure that a person who is in a mall and who is likely to be interested in a product is informed about the current sale going on.  

Indoor mapping can also be used for more serious issues. Defense teams can track people on a mission, check their progress, and ensure that they are still safe. It also aids emergency response teams to track those in danger more effectively and rush to their rescue. Workforce can be tracked and the location of staff can be monitored, patients and their families do not have to worry about getting lost inside huge hospitals, people entering government or commercial buildings need not bother others by asking others to direct them to the offices they are searching for.

There are also facilities that consider escalators, elevators and stairs and inform the user of the shortest path to take in order to reach his destination. This saves a lot of time and effort. Not only people but also devices like medical equipment can be tracked, over flowing toilets and other such problems can be detected and taken care of immediately.

Indoor mapping like JibeStream provides a lot of beneficial services to customers, users and also to the businessmen. Users can conveniently get around in buildings that they are not familiar with, without any additional expense, as everyone now possesses a smartphone.

Indoor mapping may not be needed for our very existence, but it sure makes our lives easier. In a few years, we may become dependent on this technology that we might need it for our survival. That’s how the internet is now, right?

Indoor mapping is like having our own personal Marauder’s map and who doesn’t like the idea of having one?


How Car Rentals Can Save You Money During A Trip


As people who are really stressed most times of the year, vacations mean limitless fun. We decide to splurge on ourselves, completely forgetting that we are on a limited budget. Vacations are fun but they come with a cost.

If you’re a person who travels a lot, you will know that one of the largest expenditures is the cost of travelling locally. Getting from one place to another costs a lot of money, even if the destination is only a few miles away from the place you’re in. Using public transport is considerably cheaper but it also takes up a lot of your precious holiday time and if you’re in a new city, it’s difficult to get around without constant guidance.

This is where car rentals come into the picture. You get to go to all the places of your choice, only paying for gas and the rental amount.  In most places, the tank is filled with gas at the time of your departure. Also, the rents charged are reasonable. Car rentals charge a different price for teenagers and adults. Since teenagers tends to be higher risk drivers, they are charged more than adults.

Car rentals like Discount Car are flexible and are the best choice if you’re schedule tends to keep changing or if you’re just someone who likes driving in solitude. They save the time and effort required to hail a taxi and if you’re visiting a small town, hailing a cab can be a task on its own. On the other hand, if you’re visiting a fancy place like Las Vegas, taxis charge so much just for a short ride. This can be really expensive. Also, in case of rental cars, the price that you are going to pay is known in advance. This can help you estimate and stay on your budget.

There are various tips that you can follow to further reduce the price charged by car rentals. Instead of paying additional fees for the features like GPS or music system, you can use the apps available on your smartphones. By cutting down these extras, you can save a considerable amount of money. These days, there are package deals which offer flights and car rentals. Additionally, there are websites that offer discounts and coupons for car rentals. These deals can be really cost-effective.

Car rentals tend to be expensive near the airport. If you’re not on a strict time constraint, walking a few extra miles can save you a lot of money in car rental deals. Then there are the well-known options like choosing smaller, compact cars to suit your need, not using luxury or fancy cars, etc. In times of storms or bad weathers, the prices of car rentals go down tremendously. Though self-driving in a bad weather is risky, if you are confident about your driving skills and the roads where you will be driving are familiar, car rentals can be a good choice. Taxis tend to rocket their prices in times of bad weather and during these times, car rentals can result in considerable savings.

Car rentals are the way to go if you desire freedom, privacy and safety when you travel. Taking into account all the benefits they provide, they are cost-effective. Doing thorough research and choosing the right car and company to rent from can help you stay on your budget.

Restoring Vs. Rehabilitating Historical Buildings


When you are working in the restoration field there are a lot of challenges that contractors face off with. Between meeting a clients needs and the line of discovery to identifying what a client truly wants, there can be a lot of legwork.

As a contractor identifying what the client truly wants is going to be that skeleton key that leads to their satisfaction. With that in mind, as a contractor, or as a client, the following should be taken into consideration if you intend to do work on a historical building.

Restore Vs. Rehab

Understanding the difference between the two is vital and they can be very easy to confuse. By definition this is what each of these mean

  • Restore- This means to take a home and bring it to an internal and external appearance of a specific time period. This can be incredibly challenging for a number of reasons, but for the sake of an easy example: plumbing.
  • Rehabilitate- In plain English, what this means is to bring a home to a standard where it offers a functional, comfortable living for modern standards. It can have some themes from a specific time period, but opens the door to more modern technology such as kitchen/bathroom upgrades.

Consider Current Conditions

There are several factors that contribute toward whether restoring or rehabilitating is going to be the better option, but as a general guide both the client and contractor should consider:

  • The current exterior conditions of a home
  • The current interior conditions of a home

And overall, the amount of work it would take to restore particular areas of the home and vice-versa. In some cases if a home is kept in good enough condition restoring can be the cost-effective option on top of being the client preference.

In other cases, however, there might have to be a lot of work done to integrate a restoration that could lead to extremely high expense. Take this into heavy consideration when making a choice on restoring vs. rehabbing.

Research Extensively

If the client/contractor is hoping to restore the home make sure the proper homework is done to make sure it can be done correctly. This could be a number of different considerations, but should definitely include:

  • Measurements and any kind of adjustments that need to be made being incorporated into measurements.
  • Materials that will be required
  • Tools that will be required for the job

Taking into consideration the room that a contractor has to work with, the kind of material that will be needed, and the tools to perform these tasks all need to be properly quoted before making a decision.

Trust the Contractor

Contractors are paid to research this extensively and work in this field of business on a day-to-day routine. This keeps them in the loop and fully aware of what your best options are as a client.

What this means is that while you may have a great image of what you want a property to be, a contractor has the hands-on experience to inform you what your best options truly are. Make the most of the building you want to bring to life and place your trust in a qualified contractor like Heather & Little who has a plethora of experience restoring historical buildings.

Top 5 Destinations You Can Visit By Car in Sydney


Sydney by Tom Dawson

When you step into the world’s largest natural harbor, with trails of Blue Mountains on one side and golden beeches on the other, a car ride through the city is a feast for the soul. Let’s explore this magnificent land. Hold back to the seats of your new four wheeler, Sydney is on your way. Famous for its not so high and not so low temperature round the year, one can mostly expect a warm sunny day perfect for the ride. If you don't have transportation available you can always rent a car from companies like Discount Car.

Royal Botanic Garden-Starting with the heart of the city, this century old garden is one of the most historic places in the entire world. It houses exotic species of flora and fauna. Driving through the Mrs. Macquarie’s Rd one can reach this place. The refreshing air and ornamented garden will leave you all refreshed for your journey ahead.

The Blue Mountains-This place is merely one and a half hour drive from Sydney CBD, New south whales. This dissected plateau carved out of sand stone bedrock. With waterfalls and eucalyptus forest the view is overwhelming. Who knows, you might fall in love with this place and decide to revisit it, but with a backpack for a short hike. One is definitely to fall in love with the blue haze enveloping these mountains. The very reason these mountains got their distinctive name.

Sydney Harbor Bridge-This more than a kilometer long arc bridge, with the view of the Sydney opera house, the city and the bridge itself is mesmerizing. This artificial man made marvel gives you a picture perfect view of Australian glory.

Sydney Opera House-A UNESCO world heritage site located at the Bennelong Point, Sydney Opera house, is surrounded on three sides by the harbor. It is home for the Sydney symphony orchestra and Sydney opera house grand organ. A ride through the Sydney harbor bridge towards the opera house, will give you the full view of the marvelous architecture.

If one has ample amount of time, there is no reason to miss out the ride with view of the legendary Pacific coast. It is one among the most travelled routes by visitors. The popularity of this place is due to never ending golden beaches, lush mountains, water sports and the spectacular view all through. This famous Sydney to Brisbane drive tops the list of international visitors.

The Grand Pacific Drive-Connecting Coal cliff and Clifton, this 140 Km drive way, with sea Cliff Bridge in between is phenomenal. The advantageous location with the never ending blue pacific in one side, and mountains on other, the pleasure of driving sets your soul free. With number of resting areas, one can take frequent breaks and gaze at the beauty of pacific.

As the long days drive comes to an end, the sunset from any of the numerous beaches dotting the Sydney harbor like the seven shilling beach, with lots of eateries whenever you wish to taste the cuisine, will fill your belly and soothe your soul. You’ll definitely want to take just another ride the very next day and exploring every inch of Sydney.